Good tenant screening = Peace of mind


Before signing a lease, you want to know who your tenant is!  From court records and references to credit history, AMOF® offers a full suite of products to get you the answers you need. Our easy system interface can integrate with any property management solution which means you can get your information at the click of a button.  Ask how our flexible solutions and free tools can help you with compliance while navigating the changing tenant screening landscape at the federal, state and city level. 

We know that finding tenants is critical to create a reliable income stream. Our screening solutions let you set your thresholds and criteria and return information in an easy to read format to help avoid lost time and money. Recent studies demonstrated that the average eviction can cost up to $3,700 and premature turnover average is $1,750.  Even if you win your case, the average success rate for debt collection is only 17%. 

Let AMOF® help you mitigate risk. Our next generation technology solutions obtain applications, collect application fees and allow you to make an informed decision through one online system which creates a convenient, efficient experience for you and your applicants.  Our system is available 24/7 from your computer, tablet or smart phone, so we work when you need us. 

Other AMOF® Benefits:

  • Identity confirmation
  • Automated applicant consent
  • Automated delivery of your necessary disclosures, notifications and letters
  • Candidate texting*
  • Electronic Applicant invitation with notifications
  • Credit scores including FICO and other credit reporting bureau products
  • Scorecard Pro™ tool
  • Customized and package ordering options

* NOTE: It is a violation of the TCPA to send a text message without obtaining consent.

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