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Online Employment Background Check
Management System

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Key Online System Features
Features Include:
  • Order Tracking. The system allows you to follow your order and track results as they come in.
  • Online Order Entry and Applicant Interface. A Matter of Fact's QuickApp™ provides a paperless online order entry and applicant interface that streamlines workflow and reduces your compliance concerns about collecting personal identifiers and providing mandated notifications. For more details see Online Order Entry and Applicant Interface.
  • Email Notification. The system can send you an automated email message informing you the moment your order is completed.
  • HR System Integration. Many clients use HR management systems. Our system can be interfaced with your HR management software.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication. This optional feature provides significant security benefits with respect to safeguarding access to sensitive applicant information. Multi-Factor Authentication helps protect against unauthorized access by an adversary who obtains a user’s credentials through malware, social engineering, or snooping around a desk for post-it notes.
  • Sample Documents. Various sample documents are provided. See Sample Documents Available below.
  • Other features, including additional search features, make it easier for you to track the progress of your background checks.

Sample Documents Available
When you receive/review an applicant's background check report, additional notifications may be required. Several sample notices are available with relevant information automatically filled in.

Log into your background check tracking system account and select the Workspace tab. Go to the Report Results page for the applicant in question and scroll down to the "Disclosures and Forms" drop-down on the bottom right hand side of the screen. Select the desired form and click print. The "print" screen allows you to edit the form to meet your operational and legal requirements. Finally, select print.

Sample Documents Include:
  • Consumer Copy
  • Pre-Adverse Action - Full Disclosure
  • Adverse Action - Employment Denial
  • Adverse Action - Employment Withdrawal of Offer
  • Contemporaneous Notice - Full Disclosure

A Matter of Fact is not a law firm and cannot provide legal advice. The information and forms on this site and in A Matter of Fact's online systems are for educational purposes only and cannot be relied upon as legal advice. Legal counsel should be consulted concerning specific legal responsibilities, and to ensure that background check documents, policies and procedures are in compliance with applicable local, state and federal laws and regulations.