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Education Verification

Education Verification For Employment Background Checks
Education Verifications for employment verify the certification, training, or educational claims of a job applicant. Our educational verification services contact universities, colleges, vocational schools, etc., to verify dates of attendance and graduation, degrees or certifications obtained, majors studied, GPA, and honors received. The verification of education process is an important part of a quality pre-employment background check.

Education Verifications are sometimes referred to as an Education Background Check or an Education Check.
Why Verify Education?
Because of the large number of job applicants who make false educational claims, Education Verifications are a valuable honesty check, while helping to protect an employer against negligent hiring claims. Education and training are often key to an employee's on-the-job success. An Education Verification search confirms that the education, training, or certification claims of an applicant are true.

How Do We Verify Education?
The educational institution that issued the degree or certificate is contacted for the Education Verification. Most degrees or certificates are verified by the institution’s Admissions and Records Office. Some educational institutions use third-party verification services. It is not uncommon for there to be fees charged to verify education. These fees are passed on to our clients.

What are the Weaknesses of an Education Verification?
The Education Verification process can be incomplete and slow. Some schools have policies prohibiting anyone other than the former student from accessing records. Name variations, incorrect or missing student numbers, etc., can occasionally cause educational records to be overlooked. GPA and honors information is not commonly provided by schools. Sometimes weeks or even months pass before degrees that have been earned are posted to a student’s records. It is also not uncommon for schools to close for extended periods of time (during the holidays or between terms), forcing the verification process to wait.

How Far Back Do Education Verifications Go?
A typical employment background check verifies all post high school educational claims (sometimes certifications are also verified). The period of time actually covered in an education verification report depends on how long the applicant attended the educational institution and when the degree or certificate was awarded. For a more complete discussion about how far back a background check goes, see How Far Back Does A Background Check Go.

How Long Do Education Verifications Take?
Most Education Verification results are returned within one or two business days, but circumstances sometimes cause verifications to take weeks, or, in extreme cases, even months. Schools may need to search paper files to locate records. Some schools require that Education Verification requests be mailed. Finally, it is not uncommon for schools to close for extended periods of time during the holidays or between terms, forcing the verification process to wait. Patience is important in doing Education Verifications because of these extenuating circumstances. We make at least three attempts to contact the school or third-party verification service, including phone calls, emails, faxes and mailed attempts. In the event that an educational institution has been contacted either by mail, fax, email or telephone, and the results are slow in returning, the search will be marked complete in our online tracking system with the note, "WILL UPDATE WHEN INFORMATION ARRIVES." In these cases we will continue to contact the source for information, but we won't delay reporting the rest of the background check for this search.

Can I See a Sample Education Verification Report?
Yes, click Sample Education Verification.

What is Our Recommendation for Education Verifications?
Because of the large number of applicants who make false educational claims (See, Fake Resumes, Fake References, Fake Degrees: Employer Beware! and Background Check Statistics), we strongly recommend an Education Verification when a degree or certification is required or desired for a given position. This search is a valuable honesty check, while helping to protect an employer against negligent hiring claims.

Are Education Verifications Available Internationally?
Yes, International Education Verifications are available. For more information, see International Education Verifications.

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