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Comprehensive Background Check
By far the best background check is a comprehensive background check. Our experts verify an applicant’s history and claims by thoroughly researching primary and secondary information sources, including prior employers, schools, and relevant private and public databases. We search both domestic U.S. and international sources.

Detailed Background Check and Thorough Background Check are also appropriate names for our Comprehensive Background Check. These background checks go well beyond a "quick and dirty" approach and focus on a complete background check that takes into account your unique requirements.

Remember, when conducting a Comprehensive Background Check, the screening process gathers information from multiple sources and provides a clearer understanding of the applicant's qualifications and reduces your risks.
Why Conduct a Comprehensive Background Check
Uncover Problems - The primary benefit of a thorough detailed background check is the greatly increased likelihood of uncovering hidden issues in an applicant's history. Should any issues exist, a complete background check increases the probability of finding these problems.
Reduce Legal & Employment Problems - Thorough screening helps reduce or eliminate significant legal and employment problems such as negligent hiring liability, absenteeism, other discipline problems, and turnover.
Better Hires - With more information at an employer's disposal, the employer can be more confident that a candidate’s attitude, skills, and experience match the position and organization. See, The Growing Trend to Thorough Background Checks.
Discover Fraudulent Claims - Because of the large number of applicants who make false claims, a comprehensive background check will help screen out dishonest employees. See, Fake Resumes, Fake References, Fake Degrees: Employer Beware! and Background Check Statistics.
Employer Success - The bottom line is that an employer will likely be more successful as a business or non-profit if comprehensive background checks are conducted. See, Improve Profitability: Dividends from Employment Background Checks.

How to Do a Comprehensive Background Check
First, start with a Basic Background Check (Basic Background Check). Then select additional searches based on your particular needs.

Start With a Basic Background Check
Select additional searches based on employer and job requirements
Add International Searches as needed
For information about international searches, see International Background Checks.

Add Employment Drug Screening as needed
For information about Employment Drug Screening, see Employment Drug Screening.

Background All Staff Members
We recommend that you background all your staff, including: full-time employees, part-time employees, temps, contractors, and volunteers.

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