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California Employment
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California Employment Background Checks
California employment background checks require special attention due to unique California state laws. A prime example of a unique California background check law is the so-called "California 7-Year Rule."
California Employment Background Check Specialists
We are a California-based background screening company. Since 1994 we have partnered with small and large firms, from one-person consultancies to high-tech companies with multinational operations. Whether you are a Silicon Valley software company, a sole proprietor in Los Angeles, a non profit in San Francisco, or a Central Valley agricultural company, you can rely on our experience in California Background Screening.

Unique Requirements for California Employment Background Checks
Background checks in California require special attention because of unique California state laws, for example:
  • The "California 7-Year Rule" greatly restricts how far back an employer can go when conducting employment background checks
  • California imposes unique applicant notification requirements
  • California law restricts employer use of credit reports (starting in January 2012)
  • Additional documentation is required before an employer can run a California Workers' Compensation Record Check
See California Background Check Law and FCRA Employer Requirements for a more complete discussion of the California requirements combined with the FCRA requirements, New California Law Restricts Employer Use of Credit Reports, and California Workers' Compensation Form.

Reduce your risks by working with an experienced California employment screening company.

How Long Does a California Background Check Take?
Turnaround time for most background screening reports is one to three business days. A few California courts are slow to respond to criminal record requests. Also, some employers and schools can be hard to contact or are slow to respond. However, even slow reports are usually completed within a week. For more information, see Proper Employment Background Checks: Patience Now Means Accuracy and Completeness Later

What is Included in a Typical California Background Check?
The most common searches run in a California Background Check are:
For more information about California Criminal Record Checks, see California Criminal Records Search.
For more information about all available searches, see What Can Be In A Background Check.

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