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Basic Employment
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Basic Employment Background Check
A Basic Employment Background Check uses the minimum sources to find the most common problems. A Basic Background Check is the minimum information you should verify on an applicant, even when you are limited by budget or other constraints.
Basic Background Checks vs. Comprehensive Background Checks
By far the best background check is a detailed comprehensive background check (see, Comprehensive Background Check: The Best Background Check). However, sometimes budget or other constraints may force you to accept the potential risks of running a more basic background check. Because we are checking fewer sources, hidden problems may remain undetected. Additional risks that a basic check may leave you exposed to include: unqualified employees, employee theft and fraud, workplace violence or other problems.

Basic Background Checks vs. "Instant Background Checks"
Even though Basic Background Checks have increased risk compared to Comprehensive Background Checks, they are much better than the commonly promoted "instant" database "Background Checks." Criminal databases cannot be relied upon for accuracy or completeness. See Criminal Database Limitations: A Database Search Is Not A Background Check and The Best Background Check Service: The Inside Story.

Basic Background Check Searches

Background All Staff Members
We recommend that you background all staff, including full-time employees, part-time employees, temps, contractors, and volunteers.

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